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    The most reliable and simple line calling app for tennis.

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    How it works in 30 seconds

    Now in Beta: raise your arm to challenge. No watch needed!

    Eventually it will also be available on Android. We will notify you when it's ready.


  • Simple and Reliable

    Just your iPhone and portable Tripod. Our state-of-the-art algorithms do the rest.

    This quick setup is becoming part of everyone's tennis routine!

    tennis challenge technology

    1. Start the app and scan QR code with opponent. 

    *Link up to 4 phones for doubles!

    tennis line calling system

    2. Set your phones on tripods on the side of the court.

    in out tennis

    3. Raise your arm up (beta) or use your Apple Watch to make a line challenge.

    tennis line calling technology

    4. See the result with flash and sound from your phone, or on your Apple Watch.


    Now in Beta: raise your arm to challenge. No watch needed!

    Eventually it will also be available on Android. We will notify you when it's ready.

  • Tripods and Accessories

    line calling app

    We've assembled a list of tripods and accessories in a custom Amazon list for you.

    We recommend 60-inch tripods or above starting around $25.  Most will fit in your tennis bag!


    They all work for the Tennis Line Call App!

  • The Tennis Line Call App™

    tennis line judge app
    Stop wondering if the ball bounces In or Out. Focus on your game and have fun!
    By using the Tennis Line Call App™, you can challenge questionable bounces and always make impartial line calls. You can fully concentrate on your tennis game while the app acts as your tennis line judge!
    Oh, and guess what?! Since your phone will be sitting on a tripod, you and your opponent can spend more time getting to know one another at the changeovers!
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  • Our Partners

    Some of the people and organizations who support us and make this possible.

    tennis network

    Conga Sports

    Conga Sports is a network of affiliated racquet clubs and individuals searching for courts and others to play with. They welcome players of all levels and offer exciting programs from beginner classes and "playing just for fun" to advanced level competition.



    eyes3 is an advanced Electronic Line Calling and VAR system designed for elite and professionable Tournaments.


    Iowa Startup Accelerator (ISA)

    Iowa Startup Accelerator (ISA) is a unique 6-month accelerator with rolling admission and access to four distinct stages of investment for Iowa-based startup businesses. The accelerator program provides investment capital and a stage-specific bundle of resources appropriate for scaling your startup.

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